weekly zoom call on thursdays with crystal "Max" Baird

Content Feedback Circle

A Supportive, Collaborative Atmosphere to refine your content every Thursday from 11:30 – 12:30 Central Time, because writing or talking about your business doesn’t have to feel overwhelming.

    It’s quite normal for fiction writers to have critique circles, but not so much for business owners. We tinker away at our websites, landing pages, and email newsletters for days and still feel unsure of how it will be received.

    Data, analytics and A/B testing are one way to find this out, but it tends to cost a lot of money. And besides, nothing beats real human feedback BEFORE it goes live.

    You’re launching a new program or are creating content for your website, but can’t afford to bring in a copywriter for every project. What if fellow biz owners could read it and give you personalized feedback in a laid-back lunch hour/coffee chat format?

    Here's what we talk about:

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    every thursday at 11:30AM - 12:30PM Central Time

    i’m crystal!

    I’m a content strategist who works with impact-driven, service-based entrepreneurs to step off of the content treadmill and start telling their clients’ stories on their website, social media, and content.

    I’ve worked with many wellness professionals and helped them get clear on how best to connect to their ideal audience. I’ve also been featured in Girlboss, Bustle, and Medium.

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    Don’t worry, if you have to leave or miss a session I will summarize suggestions that folks had during the session to keep you up to date and supported by the community.