You’re in the right place if…

Creating consistent content for your marketing is causing you to feel overwhelmed as you try to keep up with it.

You know that your service transforms the lives of those you work with, but the language isn’t quite landing and people are clicking away from your website.

You want to build a marketing foundation based on connection and empathy– not the latest fads and trends.

Who I Am

Hi, I’m Crystal/Max. I use they/their pronouns.
I’m a Content Strategist + Storyteller and I help you create meaningful, impactful marketing without using slimy and underhanded tactics.

I specialize in working with wellness and spiritual entrepreneurs who want to build thriving practices without sacrificing their values or having to be something they’re not.

Instead, I show you how to unravel what’s possible for your clients – we develop compelling and powerful stories for your website, social media, and content. We navigate what content makes sense for you and your values.

My clients know that their work transforms lives and communities but they refuse to manipulate the people they serve or exploit their insecurities and fears.

I believe that you can attract the right people from a place of authentic service and purpose while still being at a waitlist capacity in your business.

Manifesto –

I love… hearing others’ powerful and inspiring stories on how they’ve transformed the lives of their clients.

I believe… marketing shouldn’t be manipulative or forceful, but instead unravel possibilities for the people you’re trying to connect with and engage.

I am committed to… helping healers and coaches reach and impact more people and build a thriving, sustainable practice for themselves.

What I Stand For:

-Inclusive and Supportive Communities
-Intersectional Justice & Equity
-Business Karma (Give and your business will prosper)

Your marketing story builds relevance and emotional impact to turn readers and browser into your strongest brand evangelists.

My Story:

It wasn’t always like this for me. It took going through my own story to come out the other side with a clear focus on how I was meant to serve the world. Let me use my own Storytelling Framework to show you.

Red Flags — I began my adult career as a nurse 6 years ago and even while I was in school I became disenchanted with current healthcare system. I developed symptoms of chronic illness including hormone imbalances and chronic fatigue. During this time I made little to no effort to care for myself.

Crisis — After years of living this way I went through a relapse of my chronic depression due to burnout from my corporate job and a sense of wanting to do more meaningful work. I struck out on my own as health coach after getting certified in 2017.

Problem — As I was building my coaching practice, I still felt like something was missing. I felt that, in order to succeed, I had to play a character in my content and social media as a shiny, happy, and healthy person — the toxic, relentless “positivity” that has dominated the personal development space.

Catalyst/Mind Shift — Through my own content, I found (or at least reignited) my true passion of writing and teaching. I enjoyed helping others make a difference. I stopped everything and did what felt good to me, which was writing about my experiences to provide clarity to myself.

Solution — I began to help my fellow health entrepreneur colleagues with their messaging and content strategy. They helped provide clarity and validation and people told me I was a HUGE help to them. They would message me to tell me about the insights they gained or how they felt much more clear when they would try to connect to their folks.

This gave me an idea. Combine my health knowledge (and personal experiences with chronic illness) and my love for writing.


Community Organizations I Support:

-All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church (KC)
-InnovateHER KC
-Kansas City Center for Inclusion (LGBTQ+ Advocacy)
-Metro Organization for Racial + Economic Equity (MORE2)