Get out of content burnout, Get inspiring content strategy that nourishes your business and your audience

Bring Your Healing Principles Into Your Marketing and Thrive

Every morning, you sip your coffee and look at your Calendar and Project Management dashboard. You have a clear, intentional plan and don’t stress about writing newsletters or blogs.

Your marketing and sales strategy blend the healing and spiritual principles you teach and use to transform others’ lives. You no longer worry about feeling like a used car salesperson.

There’s no business “you” and personal “you,” there’s a cohesive person whose values and principles shine through in your copy, website, and social platforms.

What If...

✅ What if when you thought about your marketing, you were filled with the joy of connecting and sharing meaningful stories?

✅ What if it felt less like playing a character on social and more like a conversation with your audience?

What if you took all of the things that were exhausting you in your business and you either let them go or gave them to someone else, so you could have the freedom you truly desire?

Running a successful, sustainable business doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your values or burn yourself out.

We need to stop measuring the success and health of our businesses using others’ yardsticks.

You don’t have to do it all yourself. By inviting others to help you amplify your own impact and give yourself the space to do your healing, transformational work.

Culturally, it’s easy to become caught up in what I call the “Marketing Shame Spiral.” It shames us for not doing “enough” or being in enough places.

We set unreasonably high expectations on ourselves and this can inevitably lead to overwhelm and then burnout.

We chase the latest marketing trends because it fattens’ the gurus and millionaires’ pockets but leaves us feeling drained.

We set our inner judgement and voice aside because we think we must do ALL the things to be successful. We try to fit ourselves in a jigsaw puzzle that never had our unique businesses in mind.

And a lot of these tactics and formulas in copywriting and marketing are fueled by a sense of agitation and shame. It encourages us to use the power of guilt to get folks to work with us.

This actually backfires because we don’t show up consistently because this is out of alignment with who we are.

That’s not how I want to do business, and I’m sure that’s the same for you.

Hi. I’m Max Sheffield-Baird (also known as Crystal). I’m a Transformational Marketing Strategist + Writer.

 I collaborate and build mindful marketing strategies and content for wellness and spiritual entrepreneurs so they can share their expertise and transformational work that speak to their clients’ souls.

I do this because I struggled being consistent in my own business. I thought I was lazy, or that something was wrong with me. That maybe I wasn’t cut out for business somehow. But it was because the tactics that were taught repelled me. It wasn’t me, I was just trying to be someone I was not and it’s not sustainable.

My work helps you to build a flourishing, successful business by cultivating connection and writing aspirational, not agitational copy. I help you avoid spinning your wheels and instead share powerful stories that act as a lightning rod to the clients that share your principles.

Package Details

My packages consist of email marketing strategy, blogging strategy and content creation, and a general content marketing strategy with website copywriting. To me, these are how we nurture our connections with our ideal clients and signal to those with like-minded values and principles that they’re in the right place.

All of my packages include:

Dedicated Content Research so that we can see what’s working and if your online presence represents how you want to show up.

A 90-minute Content Insight Session with me so we can uncover the stories, emotions, and transformations that make your work come alive for your audience and ideal clients.

Custom Deliverables (depending on the package) so that you can sit down at your computer and know exactly what content will inspire and serve your audience. We take the sustainable strategies and tidbits from our work and put them into practice in your business.

To Hire Me: Email me at or you can use the contact form right here to let me know what package you’re interested in.

From there, we’ll schedule a chat to find out what you’re needing for your marketing and how I can best help you get there. After that, you’ll get a contract detailing the work and the invoice. Once that’s sent back over, we’re now working together!

You deserve to have a business that leaves you feeling free, nourished, and that sustains you both financially and physically.

You don’t have to hustle your ass off to be successful. You just have to find the right people.

Our marketing can fuel our clients’ spirits with stories that inspire and fortify.

The difference between adding to noise and speaking your truth is intentionality.

Finally, you are healing and transforming the world. I want to help you listen to your own intuition and judgment so we can design strategies that speak to your soul.