Why use storytelling in your marketing? It sticks vividly in your audience's mind and builds connection

When you use evocative, emotional storytelling, your content gets remembered long after they scroll past your post or click away from your page.

But to build trust, you need to have consistent & compelling content. I help you simplify your marketing and maximize your impact.

Hi! I’m Crystal Baird.

I amplify the content marketing for healers, coaches, and service-based entrepreneurs with evocative storytelling to promote their business authentically– all without feeling sleazy or salesy.

I believe that marketing shouldn’t be manipulative or forceful, but instead unravel possibilities for the people you’re trying to connect with and engage.

If you’re struggling to make time or figure out what to post on your website or social media, I can break down the strategy into easy and actionable steps.

My Process for Compelling, Consistent Content Includes...